Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Flower Radiography

The father of a good friend of one of my best friends was a professor at the University of Michigan. In his nearly four decade tenure in the school of dentistry he became the expert in radiography and held several patents in the field. Later in life, one of his passions was taking radiographic photographs of flowers.

Albert Richards passed away in 2008 and since then his daughter, the good friend of my best friend, has been working on a new website to display and market his remarkable works of art. This week the relaunch happened. I encourage you to surf over to see some of the fascinating images that he revealed through this most interesting eye on nature.

I have been privileged to see various forms of the work over the past decade, now there is a well crafted website for everyone to engage with the radiographs. I recommend the slideshow (click autoplay).  I find the haunting images to be the most intriguing but one man's haunting is another's graceful.  I have tried to pick my favorite several times but each successive slide conjures a new adjective. It could be number 86, no wait 104 . . .

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Anonymous said...

The first time I saw a CT scan on the radiologist's reading screen I was struck by the artist's possibilities. Sort of a Nude with internal organs mapped out. Possibly a little too revealing for the public tastes. Even a chest x-ray can be a little too ooh-la-la.