Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Book Review: Noelle's Ark

[Content Disclosure: 0% Poker, 27% Life, 39% Olde Friends, 45% An actual book review, 19% L.A.]

Noelle's Ark is a book written by a good friend of mine. The main premise of the work is focused on her relationship and redemption with and from another very good friend of mine, now gone from us. These are actual people, I knew Jimmy and Noelle during the years I lived in Los Angeles (1975-1990). This is a true story, though fictional. One of the many projects I am working on falls into this same genre, I would offer to Noelle's readers the first line of my book:

"If this upsets you, remember it is pure fiction. If it doesn't, then its not."

I am surely recommending this work to you, if you are a reader of this blog; you would either enjoy or be trapped by it. Both are acceptable outcomes. I will encourage you with the opening paragraph of the publisher's blurb:

Jimmy Splendor was an atheist. When he woke up in heaven, he didn't believe he was dead, and he certainly didn't believe he was in heaven. Greeted by his father, whom he hated on Earth, Jimmy took off running for seven years Earth time (only a few minutes in heaven). He finally met an angel named Oleo, who encouraged him to help his former wife, Noelle, who was still having severe nightmares years after Jimmy's passing.

You can find and purchase Noelle's Ark here.


golden said...

Sounds like an interestig book. I may order it. Kinda funny, I've often wondered what an athiest would do if he woke up in heaven or hell. I still won't know for sure, but I may have another persons perspective which is better than nothing.

golden said...

Forgot to mention. I got a kick out of the blog reading level feature.

I happen to barely claim a high school education, but I enjoy reading your blog, and other blogs that rate post grad college reading levels. Doesn't seem to fit the scale does it?

Maybe my 20 years in the Air Force, and 3 years in Federal Prison gave me more time to read than most high school flunkies.

Anyway, point is, I hate labels and catagories, which is exactly what the blog reading level is. A smart guy like you should not participate in such exclusiary systems.