Monday, December 01, 2008

Another Road to Travel

[Content Disclosure: 44% Poker; 56% Life, 72% Changes]

Once again my life is changing. My run with Party Gaming has come to an end, which means I no longer have a steady income from my poker writing. The Party gig, particularly at Poker Blog, was really a great opportunity but the whole worldwide financial crisis just caught up with them and me. Good people to work with, many thanks for the several years of space and freedom to write about all things poker.

This change means that I no longer "need" to live in Las Vegas. I am leaving for a often delayed vacation in a few days and will be exploring several relocation options whilst I am away. I suspect that the end of January would be a good decision point. Will let you know where I am and where I am and where I might be.

One benefit for those who like reading this blog. I will be posting a lot more here and dipping into my "KYHiAtG" folder for some of yet to be birthed musings & mullings. Clearly, more soon on what comes next.


Anonymous said...

Fuck everybody.

The Shrink said...

Sometimes Dan channels my dark side.

Benjo said...

No !! That hurts.