Saturday, May 01, 2021

Ann Arbor @ Curbside (April)


Vestergaard Farms (4408 S. Wagner, Ann  Arbor)  This little retail outlet is a fantastic conglomeration of a good bakers dozen of food sources. They raise beef, pork and chicken organically and have all variations of cuts, mostly frozen. In addition, they have Maddy J's bread, barbeque sauce from both Firehouse 52 and Hotel Hickman, olive oil from  Stamatopolos and probably serveral other local food vendors. Plus, they have a new highly recommended addition of frozen quiches from The Bakewell Company. Take a look at the Bakewell website for a truly mouth-watering dozen offerings. Vestergaard's is the only local outlet for these tasty pies.  *We doubled down on Vestergaard Farms with another quiche, this time the Carmelized Onion, Potato and Smoked Gouda - just Yum!

El Harissa Market (1516 N. Maple Rd., Ann Arbor) No indoor dining but all the favorites and a few additions to the wide range of "flavors of North Africa" menu. The gelato is also available, as well as a wide range of condiments and staples for cooking at home. The menu is heavily but not completely vegetarian. The feta cheese dip is wonderful with their bag of pita bread.

Juicy Kitchen (1506 Maple Rd., Ann Arbor) Just a few doors down from El Harissa is Juicy Kitchen. Currently 9 am - 2 pm; online, phone or outdoor ordering with staff on the sidewalk. The Juicy menu is extensive, with both a breakfast and lunch menus. Some items vary day to day, like our favorite quiches, but you can call ahead for the flavor combination of the day. Juicy Kitchen items are also offered at Argus Farm Stop and White Lotus Farms.

Everest Sherpa (2803 Oak Valley Dr., Ann Arbor)  Another repeat, though it has been awhile, too long to be away from the Himalayan delights at Everest Sherpa. Their ordering and curbside pickup works efficiently. I went with a medium spice chicken curry, unlike other venues the mild, medium, hot levels here are accurate. The dishes are fairly priced and the Nan is cheap.

TMaz (2529 Dexter Ave., Ann Arbor) We tried the location closer to us and discovered really tasty Gorditas with a wide range of filling choices. The chorizo and or green chili pork are my choices, but there are at least six or eight other options. The guacamole side order is generous for five bucks.

4/28/2021: Taking a break from curbside write-ups, while one of us ventures South to Florida, back to Ann Arbor foodie reviews this summer.