Tuesday, August 11, 2020

No! No! And Hell NO!


An old friend of mine posed a question last week. She asked it of her "conservative friends" and requested her liberal followers to not comment nor engage. The question was: "What makes you approve of Trump in the White House."

 I do not intend to engage with her question nor any of the responses. What I want to say is STOP! Do not attempt to engage with anyone who supports the demagoguery, racism, sexism, misogyny and lies coming from the trump white house.

There must come a point where we reach our moral limit of tolerance for evil. 

Everyone wants to equate trump with Hitler or the Nazis. We all are familiar with Godwin's Law about mentioning Nazis in an argument. But I think there is a more subtle distinction to consider. In an April 2020 Atlantic article, former Justice Department attorney Erica Newland pondered just how she might have reacted to the machinations in early Nazi Germany.

"I think I would have stayed in the Nazi administration initially and then fled." She thinks she would have been the kind of official who pushed for carve-outs in the Nuremberg Face Laws, preserving citizenship rights for Germans with only partial Jewish ancestry. She would have felt that this was better than nothing.

Newland said this in the aftermath of her struggles and eventual resignation from the trump/barr justice department.

My point?

It is past time for finding a middle ground. Well beyond working together. There are those who still follow trump because they are completely out of touch with what is going on. Don't get me wrong, a lot of people really are disconnected from what Washington does day to day. They don't watch Fox News or CNN, they are off the political grid. I have some sympathy for those people, but not much.

For the rest of the trumpers. Go directly to hell. You are evil racist bastards, who should be put on a ice flow a cast off into the global warming sea.

Don't engage with them. Don't seek accommodation. Forget understanding them. The brown shirts have already landed in Portland. The Ministry of Propaganda is churning out lies upon lies every day. He is evil, there is no doubt about that. And you know this. So what on earth makes you willing to engage with such offal?

Stand up. The only moral position left is - NO! No More! Never Again.

Monday, August 03, 2020

The Election Ain't in November Anymore

With all the talk and fury about mail-in voting, another major factor in the coming election is being overlooked. Early voting takes place in over half of the 50 States. While the when and how vary by State and in some cases by congressional district. The hard numbers tell us that this crucial election might be over and done with well before November.

By September 20th, nine States will be open to early voting including Illinois and what everyone considers to be a huge swing state - Michigan.

Before the first week of October is over, another nine States join the early voting parade, including the monster electoral vote of California plus Ohio and Pennsylvania.

A full two weeks before 'the election day' November 3rd, there will be 26 States casting early ballots. 

All the racket and noize of the final media push will mean nothing to those who have already voted. If you intend to influence family, friends, neighbors and the undecided - better get to it, voting starts sooner than you think.