Monday, June 10, 2013

Hysterical Literature

The internet provides a diversity of words, sounds, images and everything in between. Thanks to several internet friends for pointing me to today's adventure.

"In his latest project, Hysterical Literature, photographer Clayton Cubitt takes a beautiful woman (five actually), places her at a table in front of a black backdrop and gets her to read from her favorite book while an unseen accomplice below the table attempts to bring the woman to orgasm with a vibrator. The results are an intimate, sexy experience that captures a beauty rarely found in most modern pornography."

I would add that the five videos run four to twelve minutes. I would recommend my favorite but each of them spoke to me in a way that escapes words. I will give you the following information and video hints.

Video #1: Stoya 6:53 (5:25)
Video #2: Alicia 11:43 (10:25)
Video #3: Danielle 5:51 (4:45)
Video #4: Stormy 4:08 (3:10)
Video #5: Teresa 9:20 (7:30)

The Orgasm as Art LINK

. . . and isn't this better than another political post.

Apparently he is not finished with this project:

Video #6: Stole 6:14
Video #7: Amanda 8:05

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